*plays bioshock ost in the shower* welcome to rapture


Girls Don’t Cry by Makoto Aida


a flower crown for the eyebrow queen


Pulp Fiction (1994)


Jenny Holzer, Protect Me From What I want, 1983-85

"You are not alone."
Madoka or Homura. Asked by dracoflarex


This big fella is on the postcard, and I showed some progress shots way back when I was painting him, but I figured maybe this would be a good time for some more detailed views of him.  I’ve gotten kind of fond of my little buddy here.

No surprise, he’s heading for the Dubious Beasts: Symbiosis show in Cannon Beach next weekend.

(If you want to get a peek at what’s up with the other half of the DB:S show, here’s a nice piece about Shing at WonderCon!)